28 May 2012

Kawaii Roadie

This outfit was very simple and instinctive.

I started off with my Stonecutters T-shirt. If you’re a Simpsons geek, you will surely know what I’m talking about ;)

This super cool T-shirt was a Christmas gift from a friend. Getting to use it as part of an outfit was a real challenge for me, but in the end, it turned to be surprisingly easy.

As usually, I started looking for elements that could fit in with the T-shirt’s colour combination. The colour mix on this T-shirt is really potent: red and gold… just like the Soviet Union flag! LOL Of course, it took less than a second for my mind to come across the first matching element: my brand new golden jeans!


From all the positive comments you left on my last post, I guess these jeans are somewhat of a real big hit in here! :P

…and I’m not surprised. I have to admit they look awesome ^^

The red trainers came along just as easily.

However, not all was perfect in the happy land of red and gold. Even though I could have built the whole outfit just around those two colours, there was a tiny obstacle that made all the difference in the world for me: I had just painted my nails with a Born Villain metallic green nail polish… the natural opposite of red.

clip_image004  031

This unexpected contrast made me want to go for something slightly riskier… like some kind of wild colour blocking. I don’t have a lot of Born Villain (yup – I’m calling this colour like that from now on LOL) green – if any at all – in my wardrobe, so I had to improvise something… and, once again, the answer was right in front of me.

I had already noticed that the golden jeans and the checked vest made a really good match while I was taking the pics for my last post, so I just had to put it on and it was done!

I completed the look with my red leopard print cap (not an authentic Bill Kaulitz truck driver cap, but still…) and a black leather bracelet (it was a gift from my blogger friend Claudia, BTW)… and it was done!

I was really amazed at how quickly it all got right into place. It usually takes hours to get that perfect match that makes me feel something special… and here it all happened in a question of minutes! I still don’t know how I did it, but I really hope I can repeat it in the future! LOL

The result is quite funny. It’s not an exaggeratedly crazy outfit, but you can’t deny there’s a certain Harajuku kawaiiness to it! LOL

Japanese Girl in Cutoff Denim Shorts, Remake Vest, Sneakers & Vintage Versace WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki Dress, Denim Vest, Eyeball Beret & Creepers in Harajuku

And, at the same time, I look like a tough guy from the road… with metallic green nail polish. I might be too flashy for the city of roadies… but I’m not too roadie for the city of kawaii! LOL

PS. I added this denim jacket later in the day for functional reasons, but it turned out to be a cool part of the outfit as well.

PS2. Excuse my facial expressions in these pics – the afternoon sun kept projecting weird shadows all over my face (LOL).

PS3. BUY Marilyn Manson’s Born Villain!! It’s worth it! :P

T-shirt: gift
Jeans: MNG
Trainers: Alley
Vest: MNG
Cap: MNG
Bracelet: gift

5 May 2012

Denim Shirts & Golden Jeans

First of all: these are not denim shirts exactly, but the title sounds cool, so who cares anyway? LOL

Now sunny wheather is just around the corner, it’s time to start switching my wardrobe to spring/summer mode, and these little purchases are a nice beginning. After all, spring/summer is the hardest season for styling outfits (at least, it is for me >_<), so I never have enough summer-suitable clothes!


MNG golden jeans. This is not strictly summer clothing, but you just can’t say no to golden jeans! LOL

MNG checked vest woth studded pockets. Uh, oh! I can see more cowboy/tough guy outfits coming! I’m sorry! :D

Now seriously: isn’t this the PERFECT truck driver shirt?

Quick, Bill! I’m gonna need one of your truck driver caps! ;)


MNG blue shirt. Just a very light denim coloured cotton shirt, ideal for summer days and nights. I just love the fact that the buttons are sewed with red thread, instead of the predictable blue. It’s these little details that make the difference between a “meh…” shirt and a cool shirt.

It might be because of my personal obsession with Japan, but I have the feeling that there’s something very Harajuku about this colour combination (red + denim blue)! ^^

WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki Dress, Denim Vest, Eyeball Beret & Creepers in Harajuku Deconstructed Denim, Converse & Short Blonde Hairstyle in Harajuku

Enjoy spring/summer (…if you can)!