4 Dec 2012

Shopping #8 – Animalize!

Here are some relatively recent purchases of mine. As you can see, they all have a common theme ;)

MNG animal print gloves and scarves. I looove this pack of gloves and scarves from Mango. They were all ridiculously cheap (they cost like 3 € each LOL), and they will sure help me create amazing dandy outfits =D

From what I’ve seen, it looks like animal print accessoires are a big trend in Harajuku this year…



Some take it further and even go for animal print pants!

…and not only in Harajuku ;)


Golden plastic spider necklace. You might remember this little friend from the last Halloween season… Only it’s not this friend, exactly, but its silver twin. It’s really amazing that they still have these necklaces in the same store one year later. Probably, it’s because there isn’t a lot of people who buy them, but for me they are just perfect :D

Now, the biggest challenge will be finding the way to top my Voodoo Dandy outfit. I'm afraid it won't be easy :P

9 Nov 2012

Havana Affair

This is the last summer outfit of 2012. I know it’s funny to post a summer outfit in November, but I’m a busy person – finding time to write these loooong posts is not that easy for me, OK? LOL

I wore this outfit back in September. I was going to watch The Expendables 2, so I wanted to wear something that could somehow relate to the theme of the movie while still being suitable for the hot Spanish summer.

At that point, I knew my choices were rather limited. I had already worn the most of my hippie skirts and blouses and, of course, I didn’t want to repeat myself, so I started thinking: how can I put up a light summer outfit without using the themes I’ve already used?

I wanted to create a hippie look starting from something I had never used in that context before, and my brand new (at that time it was brand new LOL) khaki shirt was right there, in front of me, so I decided I could try combining it with this patchwork hippie skirt from Natura. Of course, the shirt had to be adapted a bit so it would fit in with the skirt, so I rolled the sleeves up and tied the bottom in a knot, instantly turning my proto-outfit into a tropical look.

I loved the fact that the colours and patterns of both pieces weren’t an obvious match – it made the whole thing feel more D-I-Y, like an outfit that’s been put up in the middle of the jungle with very limited resources… which was exactly what I wanted to get :P

Once the basics were in place, the time came to give the look some new dimension: it was going to be tropical, yes, but it needed a twist to make it more interesting.

I kept thinking about my Commando outfit. I wanted to add a guerrilla touch to this one too, as a reference to the fact that I was going to see a true badass movie (LOL), just like I did when I went to see The Expendables 1 (I wore a Sarah Connor kind of look back then :P), so I grabbed my camo scarf – which I didn’t have back in the time of my Commando look, BTW –. The problem was I didn’t really know how to wear it…

I tried to just tie it around my forehead like a bandana – Rambo style LOL –, but it was way too long and it really looked awful, so I had to come up with something else. After trying to put it on in every possible way, I finally had a strike of inspiration: why not turning it into a turban? I though it was a great idea. The only problem was I had no clue how to do it.

I searched for help in the internet and, after a while, I found a nice tutorial that explained it all quite well (link here). However, the tutorial clearly stated you have to use a SQUARE scarf… and mine couldn’t be further from that LOL I really messed up my hair trying to fit it in, but, after like fifteen minutes I managed to get a decent turban done. I was impressed.

I though about adding some plastic flowers to my turban, in order to give it some extra tropical appeal – I had in mind that headpiece Rihanna wore in the S&M video –… however I dropped the idea rather quickly. I didn’t really have the means to do that, and it would have strayed too much from the original theme of the outfit anyway, so I thought I’d just leave that idea for some other time…

The turban also adds a fancy 1920s touch to the outfit. I didn’t expect that, but it certainly looks great on pictures :P

1920s Cape 

Stepping out in the street wearing a turban was certainly a curious experience. I had never done that before. Technically, it’s not so different from wearing a hat or a cap, but you can’t help that feeling of having your head bandaged (LOL). I was afraid it would start to come undone at any moment, but it actually didn’t, so, eventually, I decided I was just not going to think about it until I got back home. It worked.

And it certainly turned a few heads ;)

Oh, and the movie was totally awesome, BTW. The first one was good as an introduction, but if you’re an action film dinosaur like me, The Expendables 2 is the real thing. Imagine: Chuck Norris telling a Chuck Norris joke; Arnold Schwarzenegger ACTING again (<3); Jean Claude Van Damme playing the bad guy (!); Jason Statham – do I really have to say anything else? LOL –, and there’s Stallone, and Dolph Lundgren, and Bruce Willis, and some other guys I can’t even remember… there’s SO many of them! LOL The audience spontaneously burst into applause at the end, so you can imagine just HOW amazing and hilarious it was.

Shirt: MNG
Skirt: Natura
Sandals: You Too
Scarf: Armand Basi
Necklaces: unknown
Bracelets: Natura
Bag: MNG

25 Sep 2012

Shopping #7: “There’s a hole in my T-shirt”

I got this ripped T-shirt from Mango a few weeks ago. I immediately fell in love with it because… well, because I can’t see a T-shirt with holes anymore without thinking about Tom Kaulitz’s iconic “there’s a hole in my T-shirt” moment. You’ll probably have no idea what I’m talking about, so I’ll try to explain it a bit:

It all happened during the VMAJ red carpet interview in 2011 (you can watch the video here). Bill was wearing an amazing Gareth Pugh outfit, and the other boys in the band started joking, saying that they were wearing second-hand clothes. In that moment, Tom pointed at a tiny hole in his T-shirt and said: “there’s a hole in my T-shirt”… and it seems like they’ve been trying to turn that into a fashion trend ever since (LOL).

In fact, Bill had already worn a super cool T-shirt with holes before (the same colour as mine, BTW), but it was actually his brother who brought this concept to a brand new level during the last year.


Obviously, I had all that in my head when I decided to put on this T-shirt for the first time. The problem was I couldn’t find an outfit for it, so, after spending a few hours trying to figure out what to do, I had to leave it unused x__x

However, I hope that these new purchases will change that for good!


Mango acid washed jeans. These two pairs of jeans heavily remind me of Bill’s favourite pants (LOL). He’s been wearing them a lot during the last two years, and, of course, I absolutely love them!


Acid wash denim has also been a big trend in Harajuku this year! (See this Tokyo Fashion report for more information on the subject) :P



Mango stone washed jeans. Another cool pair of worn-down-looking jeans.

Mango golden jeans. As you can see, I got myself another pair of golden jeans, one size smaller than the one I already have. They were cheap as hell, and you never know! It won’t hurt me to have golden jeans to spare :D


Mango khaki shirt. This shirt matches my ripped T-shirt perfectly! I’ve already used it for an outfit, but that will stay a secret until my next outfit post… ;)

Something tells me I'm going to embrace my grunge side this autumn...