21 Jun 2012

Gold Fever

Style magazines always say that if you’re going to try the cowboy/Navajo trend you should only use a couple of pieces, so you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing a Halloween costume. If you share this belief, I strongly encourage you to stop reading right here… unless you want to have a stroke (LOL).

But, come on – you already know me! First of all, I never use the word trends – I prefer to call them themes, and the cowboy theme is one of my all-time favourites (this is kind of turning into a cowboy-themed blog already LOL). And second: I must have said this like a thousand times already, but for me fashion is about commitment. If I’m wearing a cowboy-themed outfit, I don’t mind looking like I’ve just run away from a Cyrus family reunion (LOL), as long as the look’s integrity is preserved ^^

So, no more excuses!

I started this outfit with my beige fringed T-shirt from Bershka (there’s a chance you might remember it from one of my shopping posts). I didn’t have that much time to plan this outfit, so my initial idea was to create an adaptation of my winter cowboy outfit. I wanted to combine the T-shirt with a pair of white jeans, my classic cowboy hat (in case you’re wondering: yes – I sleep with it on LOL) and a couple of cool necklaces, very much like I did in winter.

It surprises me when I realize how I’ve grown to love off-the-shoulder T-shirts in the last couple of years. I didn’t really have anything against them before, but you know my dress code is quite UAE-friendly, when it comes down to my skin-showing policy (LOL), so I just didn’t like the idea very much. It’s not that I hate my body or anything like that, but I just believe that clothes were invented for a reason.

However, when Bill Kaulitz (who else could it be?) started wearing off-the-shoulder T-shirts and sweaters in late 2010 (that brief period before he fully embraced the homeless/trucker aesthetic in 2011 LOL) he made me change my mind in some aspects (he has the ability to do that every once in a while). One more time, I said to myself: “If he can do it, maybe I can do it too!”

Bill Kaulitz in Beverly Hills (26/08/10)

Bill and Tom Kaulitz, proving once again that they have NO wheather in LA

…and the truth is I can! :D

The mix looked quite cool. However, I wasn’t that convinced about the white jeans. I felt like they clashed with the T-shirt too much. I decided to replace them for something in the brown/beige/earth colour range… and, of course, my brand new golden jeans were the first thing that came to my mind.

[I think you can consider you are obsessed with a piece of clothing from the moment you’ve used it twice in a row].

Once I was satisfied with the clothes, I went on with the task of picking the accessories, which basically consisted in putting on every necklace I found around the house (LOL). I’m especially happy about having found a use for my vintage wooden cross from Montserrat. It looks so cool in the context of this outfit (well – it always looks cool LOL)! I was positively surprised.

I also added a wooden bracelet to the mix, and I finished the look with my olive trainers (they were exactly the same colour as my nail polish!).

I was extremely happy with my cowboy overload! As I usually do, I grabbed a denim jacket in case it got cold at some point of the day, but I didn’t really get to use it.

The funny thing is there actually is something in this look that makes me think of Miley Cirus (LOL). I’m not a fan of Miley (or her choices in fashion), but I couldn’t help thinking about her and her dreamcatcher tattoo while I was putting this look together. There’s something very L.A. in the way the tribal jewellery interacts with the cowboy elements. I’m not a fan of L.A. either, but when summer comes to Spain, everything starts to feel a lot like California (LOL), so I’m not surprised all these images keep coming to my mind.

Miley's dreamcatcher tattoo Miley Cirus heading to a studio in Los Angeles (February 17th, 2011)

My God! Have you seent he guy's T-shirt? LOL

[Some of these pictures were actually taken in Barcelona, but I’m not telling you which LOL]

Oh, and guess what album I bought that day…

The music doesn’t have a lot to do with California (aside from the fact that some of it was recorded there), but the cover (an iconic photo by Anton Corbjin – who else? LOL) matches my agave plants perfectly :D

Now, the only question is: will I be able to put up an outfit without using my golden jeans and/or some of my cowboy hats any time in the near future? We’ll see…

T-shirt: Bershka
Jeans: MNG
Trainers: Alma en Pena
Cowboy hat: unknown
Necklaces: unknwon/CCC
Wooden cross: souvenir from Montserrat
Bracelet: unknown
Denim jacket: Bershka


  1. Your outfit looks really cool :3 Like it ^^

  2. You got tagged with the Liebster Blog Award :3


  3. you look so stunning! I am loving the fur and your colour palette

  4. great look:) love the accessories!:)


  5. Honey i'm back into the blogging world:)
    hope you like my newest post!

    I love love love yours the way you mix the clothing and the accessories is amazing love the golden pants and the cross necklace and what about the t-shirt it looks rad

    love you lots


    1. Hey! So nice to have you back here! ^^ (Yup, I'm ridiculously slow replying to comments).

      Thank you so much, and I'll see you around ;)


  6. OMG, THOSE PANTS. They're shiny. Such a fun color. I'm in love with them!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. love it. and i didn't even really notice how "many" pieces you put on.


    1. I didn't notice either, until it was too late :P


  8. Those gold pants are just amazing!!!

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  9. Those gold jeans are all kinds of hotness. Love them so much!

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