28 Jul 2013

Shopping#10 — Skull Kitsch

Before we proceed with the ever-growing queue of still-to-be-posted outfits, I’ll show you some of my (relatively) recent purchases for the summer season. They are not the hippie sort of thing that I usually wear when the temperature goes above 25º, but they definitely have the adequate vibe for the pre-summer months (a.k.a. that time of the year when I mostly wear cowboy stuff).

Bershka ‘Our Lady of Skulls’ tank top

A grey tank-top from Bershka with a fancy comic style Our Lady of Guadalupe/Santa Muerte print that looks pretty cool. It’s quite big, but not impossible to wear with some adjustments… and with something underneath, preferably — I’m honestly not prepared to try the Taylor Momsen nipple-tape thing… especially in summer LOL



Skull & roses T-shirt

This is an extremely cheap T-shirt from the flea market, but that’s exactly what makes it so perfect. Only a genuinely cheap design like this one could capture the skull kitsch concept in its full dimension. I mean, come on: it has a huge skull; it has roses; it has tiny crystal incrustations... What else do you need? The only problem about this T-shirt (aside from it being extremely flammable LOL) is that it’s huge like a f*cking sheet! And it doesn’t have the easiest colour palette either… I’m gonna have a bit of a hard time trying to figure out how to wear it, but I’m sure the result will be awesome :D

[If you’re wondering why you didn’t see the crystals on the skull T-shirt in the picture above, it’s because I accidentally hung it from the reverse side. It has the same print on both sides, so I didn’t even realize until the mess was done LOL]

I bet this T-shirt would look awesome with my denim New York dream-jacket. One day it’ll be mine – I promise! LOL

Una from Bubbles Harajuku in Acid Wash

Misc. bracelets

All these bracelets come from the flea market as well. They all have a really cool, very Motörhead-friendly biker/cowboy/rocker design, which encompasses quite a wide range of my styles. Something tells me I will be using these a lot… In fact, I already have :P

[“WTF you’re looking at?” LOL]


  1. AWESOME! Love the pictures while performing!

  2. Oh ! Amazing ! I love those 2 tee shirts so much ! I can't believe Bershka did that stunning tee ! And the flea market is such a treasures source !

  3. wow those are such amazing tees, what a great purchase! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming