25 Sept 2012

Shopping #7: “There’s a hole in my T-shirt”

I got this ripped T-shirt from Mango a few weeks ago. I immediately fell in love with it because… well, because I can’t see a T-shirt with holes anymore without thinking about Tom Kaulitz’s iconic “there’s a hole in my T-shirt” moment. You’ll probably have no idea what I’m talking about, so I’ll try to explain it a bit:

It all happened during the VMAJ red carpet interview in 2011 (you can watch the video here). Bill was wearing an amazing Gareth Pugh outfit, and the other boys in the band started joking, saying that they were wearing second-hand clothes. In that moment, Tom pointed at a tiny hole in his T-shirt and said: “there’s a hole in my T-shirt”… and it seems like they’ve been trying to turn that into a fashion trend ever since (LOL).

In fact, Bill had already worn a super cool T-shirt with holes before (the same colour as mine, BTW), but it was actually his brother who brought this concept to a brand new level during the last year.


Obviously, I had all that in my head when I decided to put on this T-shirt for the first time. The problem was I couldn’t find an outfit for it, so, after spending a few hours trying to figure out what to do, I had to leave it unused x__x

However, I hope that these new purchases will change that for good!


Mango acid washed jeans. These two pairs of jeans heavily remind me of Bill’s favourite pants (LOL). He’s been wearing them a lot during the last two years, and, of course, I absolutely love them!


Acid wash denim has also been a big trend in Harajuku this year! (See this Tokyo Fashion report for more information on the subject) :P



Mango stone washed jeans. Another cool pair of worn-down-looking jeans.

Mango golden jeans. As you can see, I got myself another pair of golden jeans, one size smaller than the one I already have. They were cheap as hell, and you never know! It won’t hurt me to have golden jeans to spare :D


Mango khaki shirt. This shirt matches my ripped T-shirt perfectly! I’ve already used it for an outfit, but that will stay a secret until my next outfit post… ;)

Something tells me I'm going to embrace my grunge side this autumn...


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  2. love the shirt. it's really badass.


  3. I really love this T-Shirt ♥ :D I can't wait for some Outfitphotos! It'll definetely looks cool ^^

  4. i love your blog and thank you for nice words

  5. I love the hole tee! I would totally wear that!
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  6. great items :)) love all the jenas! happy weekend:))


  7. Sweet outfit and chlothes

    New post - Kisses ♥

  8. nice teem and harajuku style is awesome too