4 Feb 2012

Shopping #4: Christmas!

It might be a little late for a Christmas Shopping post, but I’ve been so busy this month I haven’t been able to update the blog earlier (production tasks take away all of my time x__x). Anyway, here is a quick review of the clothes I got for Christmas – all second hand!

(As you might already know if you’ve been following this blog for a while, Humana is a gold mine for those of us who love finding unique and fancy clothes! :P).

1. A lovely hoodie with Mexican/tattoo motifs, much in the style of the artworks in The Offspring’s Ixnay On The Hombre. It immediately takes me to the golden age of skate punk, back in the early/mid ‘00s (my high school years :P). There’s a huge visual potential in this one… And the brand is called Demential Factory & Co.! LOL



2. Grunge sweater. Some of the tiny metallic details on the neck are missing, but we’ll eventually fix that up :P Aside from that, this sweater looks completely new. This is an interesting grunge/goth piece – something in the line of my all-time-favourite Scissorhands longsleeved T-shirt.

3. Texas Girl! LOL All right, this might look like something Dolly Parton might wear, but I’m pretty sure I will be able to give it a proper use in my own personal context! You might suspect that I’m going through some sort of cowboy phase, and you’re probably right… But let me tell you something: when you have a Quaintance calendar hanging in your room, everything related to the world of cowboys acquires a new meaning…

4. Buffalo Bill’s T-shirt ^^ Cowboy kitsch is one of my favourite things… ever! And this long-sleeved T-shirt has all these wonderful glittery details…! It’s a masterpiece.

5. This turtleneck is very ‘70s. It looks a little like a retro wallpaper, which is very much in the line of some of my small collection of op-art themed clothing.

6. Some fancy animal print. The bag and the umbrella are just freebies that came with a magazine, but they matched this piece so well I just had to get them in the pic (LOL). I can see a lot of Harajuku punk uses for this one…

Harajuku Fashion Walk #7  Nadia Staffer Yu-Chin in Topshop Cami & Black Maxi Skirt


  1. Love your sick style dear!
    I'm pretty sure soon we'll see you rocking all this stuff in your upcoming posts am i right?

    thanks for your super sweet comments:)
    and yep that's the Viva glam nude color I tweeted about isn't it great? I'm a red lips girl but that one is amazing

    Love you sweetie

  2. Nice finds, great style!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    let's follow each other :)

  3. Very cool leopard turtleneck! The 70s one is awesome too.