22 Mar 2013

Shopping #9 – Happy Birthday!

Jesus Christ! I just realized it’s been almost a month since my birthday, and I still haven’t taken time to post my birtdhay gifts! Can you believe that? Thankfully, it’s not too late to correct that – I still have a few months left before my next birthday comes around LOL

This year, my birthday gifts were all fashion-related… and extremely cool ;)

Spiked creepers

I’ve wanted to have a pair of creepers for a veeeeery long time, and this particular pair is SO amazing I don’t even know what to say *O* Plus, they have a double platform, which makes them extra-cool. I love ‘normal’ creepers as well, but these are just so edgy and threatening! They strongly remind me of Juria Nakagawa (one of Harajuku’s current street-style superstars) and her love for spiky platform shoes. I can easily imagine her wearing these, and I can’t wait to start doing the same :D

Juria Nakagawa in Avantgarde Harajuku Flame Tights & Jeffrey Campbell Juria Nakagawa in Avantgarde Harajuku Flame Tights & Jeffrey Campbell

Silver jacket

This cool silver biker jacket is pretty futuristic. It makes me think of Bill Kaulitz back in 2007-2008. I’m not sure if he had one but… oh, wait… :D


Denim cowboy jacket

100% genuine cowboy kitsch. It makes me think of something Dolly Parton might have worn back in the 70s… or maybe right now! LOL It’s a little big for me, but it still looks great, and it will fit perfectly with my future cowboy looks :D


Sons Of Anarchy T-shirt

This one doesn’t need much explanation. It’s an authentic Sons Of Anarchy T-shirt! *___* You all know how much I love Sons Of Anarchy. Now, the rest of the world will know it too :D

Bizarre futuristic leggings

These leggings are really curious. I still don’t know if I’ll be able to wear them out in street or not, but you can be well sure I’ll try ;) These totally remind me of Bill’s gothic chicken (that’s how some fans called it LOL) look at the DSQUARED fashion show. He reused those trousers many times after that, and even wore them on stage during the (extremely short) South American leg of the Welcome To Humanoid City Tour.


My leggings also have a retro-futuristic 70s feel (which is present in the outfits DSQUARED designed for that tour as well) that takes me back to the cosmic age, when Lemmy Kilmister played in Hawkwind and KISS were still a young band trying to make it big.


Nails Inc. London Crackle Effect top coat & Magnetic Polish

More nail polish for my collection! The first one is very similar to Opi’s Shatter top coat, but it has a more liquid consistence, which makes the cracks a little bit thinner, even though the difference is hard to appreciate at first sight :P


[Opi on the left, Nails inc. on the right ;)]

The second one looks pretty interesting. I’ve often seen it advertised in British magazines, and I’ve always felt curious about it, but I never thought I’d actually have the chance to try it, since they don’t sell it in Spain. I only hope my first experience with it won’t turn out to be a disaster! LOL

24 years don’t feel so heavy on days like these ;)


  1. Happy Birthday! Those creepers are freaking amazing! I'm jealous!

  2. This post is amazing ! Full of everything I love ! How can you do that ?!

  3. I love your post. Where did you buy these shoes? I want same.

    I'm a new follower of your blog and i really love your style.

    xo, Shiki


    1. Thanks! ^^

      The creepers come from the internet. They were a gift, so I don't know from which website n_n'

      Hope to see you around ;)