22 May 2013

Ride The Light(ning)

Hello everybody! It's been a while since I made my last outfit post, but, after a few busy months and tons and tons of failed attempts (I still have about half a dozen yet-to-be-posted outfits patiently waiting in line T_T), I've finally gotten to the painful task of writing a full blog entry!

I started this outfit from this Metallica long-sleeved T-shirt. I don’t even remember where it came from, but I think I’ve had it for more than six years already. I had never used it before, mainly because it has a quite a strange shape, and it’s not exactly suitable for all sorts of weather. However, it fits my body really nicely (a bit too nicely, I have to say – I still feel kinda strange in tight-fitting clothes since my ballet days LOL), and it looks great with my Road Rage nails.

The T-shirt was obviously asking for an edgy punk look. I immediately came across this extreme Harajuku punk outfit I had discovered a few weeks ago. Of course, the overall concept was a bit too extreme for me (even for me LOL), but the idea of an unorthodox necktie with a certain S&M vibe really got me. I didn’t know what to use for that purpose, so I tried a couple of things until I found this grey belt from Mango. I’ve had it for a couple of years already, but I had never used it until now. It feels like suede (even though I don’t think it’s genuine leather) and has a nice concrete colour. I tried it just to see how it would look, and I really liked it. The combination looked quite powerful.

I didn’t have a specific idea of what I wanted to get (aside from the punk thing), so I just started messing around to see what would happen. I discovered this jacket from Mango still in its shopping bag (I keep there with a bunch of stuff I bought the same day because I want to make a shopping post about that at some point, even though I don't know if that's ever going to happen LOL). I didn’t even remember I had it, but it looked awesome straight away. I love its peculiar slightly-oversized shape and its unusual waxed paper texture (which turned out to be a great advantage, considering the fact that I had to deal with unexpected rain on that day T_T).

With these three elements in place, my Menkes cap was a natural choice. I knew I was slightly repeating the concept of my Road Rage outfit, but I didn’t care. This cap is so versatile I just can’t get tired of it.

I was starting to see another biker look coming... But this one was going to have a pilot twist.

Once I had the top, I had to go for the bottom. I didn’t have a hard time picking up the jeans because they came to the look quite naturally (once again, I was reusing a Road Rage element e_e’). However, it was a little harder with the boots. I tried on my brown cowboy booties and my studded biker boots, but neither looked good enough, so I decided to take a risk and see how the whole thing would look with the über-cool cowboy boots I used for my A Cowboy In The Court Of Louis XIV outfit…

I wasn’t too sure about it, at first. It took me a few minutes of analyzing myself in the mirror to figure out if I liked how the boots looked or not… but I did! And, the more I looked at them, the more I started to see a certain Bill-Kaulitz-ness in the whole thing LOL This outfit certainly reminds me of Bill’s 2010 Audi A1 photoshoot look. However, I have to say that, for once, this similarity was not intentional :P I didn't even remember  this particular look while I was styling my own - I promise! 

The whole look was already kinda finished, but I was still not completely satisfied. There was something missing in the middle section, and I couldn’t really tell what. I spent another half an hour (not literally LOL) staring in the mirror trying to understand what it was, until I finally got it.

I always thought that there was nothing in my body I particularly disliked, but I was wrong: I do dislike my hips. It’s not that I dislike them in absolute terms, of course, but I don’t like the way certain trousers fit on them. That probably explains why I always feel the compulsive need to add big belts to my outfits when I’m not wearing oversized looks, in order to give them some extra structure. And that’s exactly what I did this time. I tried on a few belts, but none of them worked like the classic Commando/Goth For One Day leather belt did, so I just put that one on and, after a few adjustments, the look was ready.

As I said above, I had to deal with heavy rain (you can see some of it in the instagram collage bellow) and cold wind on the day I originally wore this outfit... which wasn't exactly the most exciting experience in my whole life (LOL). I had to wait one whole week for the rain to stop in order to to be able to actually take some pictures of the outfit, but, thankfully, there was a nice afternoon sun shining on the day of the photoshoot that created some really curious effects on the pictures ^^

As you can see, my boy Quicksilver wanted to be in the pictures too ;)

And, now that we're done with the fashion, let's get on with the music!

Metallicaaaaaa! \m/ ;)

Ride The Light(ning) 03

T-Shirt: Metallica
Jeans: MNG
Boots: Vogue
Cap: Menkes
Scarf: MNG
Belt: vintage


  1. Your hips are fine, what's wrong with it? xD I guess we all have our inner aesthetical (?) censorship; at least, you did an interesting work with belts. It made me reconsider my own concepts on this :3
    By the way I love your style, keep it up. I'd also be grateful if you post those f*cking yet to be posted outfits :D sooner than later!

    1. Thank you! ^^

      I keep working on those posts, but I have more and more new outfits waiting as well. It's chaos! LOL

      Anyway, I'll try to get everything done :P

  2. Great rock outfit ! I love the cap and the tee with thunders, and I love the pics with sunshine too !