5 Oct 2011

Take A Bite


My name is Deadly Bite and I'm a musician - singer, songwriter, guitarrist, amateur producer, future band leader and massive music fan :)

First of all: I don't really consider myself a fashion blogger, since I don't belong to the fashion world and I don't intend to. However, I do consider fashion a great form of artistic expression and a way of making the world a much more interesting place. I've been creating crazy outfits since my teen years (I'm still in my teens, of course ;) ) and I've been thinking it's about time to start documenting them and have some fun talking about the things that inspire me and all that kind of stuff.

I define my style as androgynous and juvenile with a really hard edge, even though I don't like to dress in the same fashion all the time. My looks range from agressive punk/goth to lush hippie glam, including almost anything in between, but whatever I'm wearing, I always try to add a touch of humour ;) I'm not a serious kind of person and I'm afraid that really shows in my wardrobe :P

My budget is quite limited, so I do almost all of my shopping in outlets and second-hand stores, and I use a lot of vintage clothing too. However, that's not a problem since I don't really follow any trends. I focus on creating my own personal versions of the things I like, whether it's designer clothing, underground fashion or just something I've seen in a movie or a music video.

My biggest style references are, of course, Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Marilyn Manson and the boys and girls from Harajuku and Shibuya (you can see some of their incredible looks in Tokyo Fashion! ^^). As you might already suspect, I'm a huge Japan lover! n_n

If you're interested in fashion blogging you should also pay a visit to my good friend Claudia - I stole the idea for my blog from hers, so check that one out too! ;)

Oh, and if you want to know more about me as a musician, check out my SoundCloud to hear some of my live acostic covers and our official Myspace to find out more about my still-in-the-making-band.




  1. honey you're more than a fashion blogger you're a trend and i'm sure we are gonna make it big! you're style is so good :)
    the link to my blog nearly made me cry i'm so glad we are such friends, so glad we met!

    love you

  2. Aww... thank you so much, sweetie!
    It's about time to show what we can do :D

  3. Thanks! It's a dog collar I bought at the supermarket ;)