30 Oct 2011

Looks I’m Lovin’ #1: We Found Love

I wasn’t too impressed by the song itself, but the video for We Found Love has turned out to be one of the coolest music videos I’ve seen this year.

What I specially love about it are the looks both Rihanna and Dudley O’Shaughnessy are wearing throughout the four and a half minutes of footage. It’s hard to believe that such a bizarre mixture of trashy punk, Rastafari, denim and sportsy casual fashion can work at all… but it really does! And what has surprised me the most is the truly androgynous quality of the result.

The two of them look like they could just be wearing each other’s clothes (I think they actually do that in some of the scenes) and it would make no difference. Even when she’s wearing the most feminine elements –like lingerie, stockings or short skirts–, Rihanna doesn’t look like the girl in the story. She just looks like herself, and that’s what this is all about, right?

Plus, I specially like the fact that she picked up such an elegantly slim boy for the part (nothing like the ultra-muscular Viking gods we’ve seen in some of the latest Lady Gaga or Jennifer Lopez vids). Guys can wear fancy clothes too, and I love to see them doing so! ;)

And now that I’m done with the introduction, let’s take a closer look at my favourite outfits in this video!

(It was quite hard to take screencaps of the entire looks, so I’d recommend you to watch it again afterwards in order to appreciate them better)

Punk Lolita


This is probably my favourite look in the entire video. It’s not hard to imagine something like this in the streets of Harajuku (I have a couple of outfits in this style myself! LOL). The blouse is just gorgeous, and the short skirt is balanced out by the worn-out stockings and the brutal platform shoes. I also love the oversize blazer she’s wearing on top. The whole look has a strict uniform feel to it, but it’s extremely punk at the same time.


However, what I like most about this look is how great it’s matched with Dudley’s ultra-punk outfit. The tartan pants, the red boots, the denim jacket… All I can say is: WOW.


Jamaican Jam


It takes a true Caribbean to wear a Rastafari hat and make it look like the most natural thing in the world. Unfortunately, there aren’t many shots of this outfit, so I haven’t been able to observe it in detail. I love the mix of the Jamaican hat with the jeans and the tracksuit jacket. There is something SO irresistibly boyish about this look…!

Of course, Dudley’s Kingston Pyjama Party outfit is just exquisite. It’s a pity there aren’t almost any shots of it, because it’s one of the craziest looks in the entire video. For what I can see, he’s wearing some U.S. flag themed pyjama-like denim suit under an oversize black blazer and a more discrete black Rastafari hat on top. INSANE!

Once again, both outfits are so perfectly combined the overall effect is more than impressive. Chapeau! ;)


Trashy Punk


This is probably the trashiest outfit in this video. The combination of elements (stockings, thick platform shoes, short skirt, belly-revealing blouse) is quite similar to the first outfit, but the combination of denim and white gives it a completely different feel. However, my favourite part of this look is that killer bomber jacket. It’s so wonderfully brutal it really balances the whole thing out.


Dudley’s full-denim look rules too. His Misfits jacket couldn’t be more iconic. If I’m not wrong, he’s wearing the same hat he was wearing at the store, and those straps… Whoa! That’s what I call a Rude Boy! :D


Denim & Crochet


Some more cool denim outfits. I really like the texture of those worn-out jeans, and the crochet top has a fancy grunge edge. Plus, is she wearing boxers? Me like! (LOL)

I can’t see much of Dudley’s outfit here, but I love the hoodie he’s wearing under the denim jacket (I have to say I’m a huge fan of hoodies! LOL). As strange as it may sound, I think it softens his look a bit and prevents him from looking too masculine.

Both outfits are perfectly matched, as usual, and the result is extremely lovely ^^

Rockabilly Craze


Some cool 50s-inspired rockabilly denim fashion. This outfit is quite minimal, but Rihanna is Rihanna and she can do whatever she wants (LOL). My favourite part of this look is her fancy retro-but-not-retro hairstyle with the bandana tied on her head. Plus, that killer look really KILLS!


Unfortunately, we can’t see what Dudley is wearing this time, so we won’t know how great their outfits are surely matched.




Commando Rastafari! – Is it me, or I’m seeing military fashion everywhere lately? LOL


“Yeeeeeah – it’s a party in the U.S.A.” ;)


I call this look… The Wrestler (LOL). I think that’s the Misfits jacket again, by the way. Like I said, they both look great in each other’s clothes :)


This is not the first time Rihanna experiments with androgynous and hard-edged looks, but I think she's never gone this far before. It feels like she's exploring new ground here, and I just hope she keeps on doing it, because there aren't many people out there who dare to be truly BRAVE with fashion, and that's right what this world needs :D

For those about to love RiRi (and Dudley O’Shaughnessy)… we salute you!


  1. been a fan of rihanna during her 'rated R' phase, then loved her S&M vid after a couple non so my style songs and vids and with this one she got my attention once more! the outfits killer, the plot killer the video over the top :D

    love your outfits of the past posts

    love you X

  2. I was a huge fan of Rated R too! I love everything about that album, the videos and the looks of that period ^^

    I didn't like it much at first, but I finally got into the multi-coloured craze of the Loud era. It looks like she's going back to a harder fashion these days, but with RiRi you can never really tell where she's heading (LOL).

    Oh, and S&M was killer! I guess Melina Matsoukas has a hand for making the coolest vids :P

    Love! xx

  3. shittt! i should have told ya about the manga solon before, next year i count on you to come with me, the styles and people were rad we'd have had so much fun there
    the mochi tastes DELICIOUS! like rice on the outside and ice-cream or whatever it is filled with inside (weird! LoL) we should meet and have some sushi+ Japanese dessert soon)

    love youX

  4. I couldn't agree more! You know that always sounds like a great plan for me ^^