16 Dec 2011

Shopping #3: Cowboys & Tweed

From left to right:

Tweed jacket. No, it’s not Chanel (LOL) – just the good old Mango. It might look a little traditional when pictured on its own, but you can bet it won’t look like that on me (:P). I love tweed, and, even though it’s not very present in my wardrobe, there’s always room in my Outfit Gallery for some late-80’s glamour.

Velvet belt with tassels. This one comes from Mango as well. Remember the blue tassels I got for Halloween? Well, a few days ago I saw a Japanese gothic lolita wearing this:

Japanese Lolitas in Alice & The Pirates w h.Naoto Blood & Milk Harajuku Bags

Looks like tassels are the next big trend in Japan (LOL), so I’ll keep this new belt close… just in case.

Fringed T-shirt. It seems like the design in Bershka has slightly improved during the last season. This is the second T-shirt I get from there in the last months, and you can believe me when I say that’s A LOT for me. I’ve always had something with cowboy fashion, but it was Depeche Mode’s video for Personal Jesus what definitively ignited my love for anything that has something to do with cowboy hats and fringe. How could I resist? (LOL)

Fringed leather belt. Yet more Mango! It looks like fringe is the theme of the day (LOL). I still find it hard to believe that these two pieces don’t belong to the same collection, but that’s the kind of funny coincidences that put that special thrill in shopping – and in life. The cowboy hat isn’t new, but it just looked cool with the rest.

Wow… I guess I’m ready to reach out and touch faith ;)


  1. Not chanel but still loving your tweed jacket!
    omg girl you look so gorgeous in the last pic

    Love you

  2. Love the belt with tassels!!