18 Aug 2012

Mediterranean Madness

As soon as the thermometer hits 30 degrees, I switch straight to hippie mode. Suddenly, all my trousers, T-shirts and shoes become too heavy, and the only things I can wear are sandals, hippie skirts and Indian silk blouses from Natura. When summer comes around, I stop caring about looking like an edgy rock star (which, of course, is what I am LOL) and just get teleported back to the 60s – a time when it was OK for edgy rock stars to look like this :P

My biggest problem in summer is that, when the weather gets this hot, I feel like I don’t want to wear any clothes at all. I just want to stay at home in my pyjama shorts and my Jonas Brothers tank top (I truly wear that when I’m at home and no one sees me LOL), pretending the outside world doesn’t exist until autumn comes back to rescue me.

This is exactly what happened this time.

I was feeling terribly uninspired and frustrated. I tried on every piece of summer clothing I had, but nothing seemed to click. You already know how I am with outfits: I can’t just put on a couple of things that look good together and go out – I need to feel that special something that reflects the way I see myself right now… and that can turn the process of dressing up into a really exasperating task sometimes. It was already getting late and all my attempts at finding some new, groundbreaking combination seemed to fail, so I chose to reinvent one of my old outfits instead.

I had only worn this particular outfit once before, and I felt that I could give it another chance. I kept the Indian skirt and the silk blouse, but decided to change the shoes and the accessories. Originally, I wore this outfit with espardille wedges and a straw hat, but I wanted to switch this country approach for something more hippie; so the first thing I did was replacing the espardilles for my beautiful jewelled sandals (you might remember them from my last outfit). I think I love them more and more every day! (LOL)

It’s funny how this emergency purchase turned out to be one of my greatest acquisitions for this season. Sometimes the best things in life come to us in totally unexpected ways! :P

Once I had the basics, it was time to go for the accessories. I still didn’t know what the theme of the outfit was going to be, so I started to randomly browse through my drawers to see what I could find. I came across my giant wooden cross necklace (maybe you remember it from this post), and decided that the time might have come to take it out for a walk.

Of course, it worked perfectly.

This beautiful beaded vintage cross necklace was next, and it turned out to be a real game changer. It instantly reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana’s A/W 12-13 collection, and, all of a sudden, the whole look made sense in my head: it was going to be a D&G-inspired Mediterranean outfit, which, in my twisted mind could only mean one thing: “get more rosaries on”.

madness collage

[Oh, God… don’t look at my hangover face! How can I get that without even drinking? LOL]

I immediately added my beautiful John XXIII rosary to the mix. It didn’t take me much time to know that this was the one: it’s one of my personal favourites because its beads have the colours of the Vatican flag, and I knew it would blend with the print of my silk blouse straight away! (LOL)

Once again, I completed the outfit with the black hippie backpack you saw in my previous outfit post. And this time I haven’t forgotten to take pics with it!

During the photoshoot, the sun was horrible, as usual, and the fact that I hadn’t gotten much sleep the previous night didn’t help either. Luckily, a kind summer breeze was blowing, so I got hair all over my face the most of the time, preventing you from seeing the huge bags under my eyes (LOL).

[Doing stupid stuff is always required at some point in my photoshoots :P]

The good thing is that these circumstances made the torment expression in this pic much more believable. Don’t I look like I’ve just come out of a Romanesque fresco? LOL

PS. No Kaulitz inspiration this time either. And the rosaries don’t count – I was already collecting them when the twins were still singing Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus in kindergarten ;)

Blouse: Natura
Skirt: unknown
Sandals: You Too
Necklaces: vintage
Wooden cross necklace: LSD
Bracelet: Natura
Bag: Indigo


  1. I really love this Outfit ♥ *___*

  2. Lovely outfit! Very bohemian and cool! :)


  3. Your skirt is just adorable! I love the boho look on you.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. great otfit, love this style!
    the pattern on your top is so awesome!

  5. this is love! your styling here is impeccable. love it!


  6. nice look:)


  7. The outfit turned out A+.. and i know what you mean, it can be so uncomfortable to go out in something (however cute) that doesn represent your current state.

    x Peter

  8. Awesome blog, dear! Love it so much!
    You have a new follower! Hope you'll do the same!))
    Thank you!


  9. I love the outfit, your hippie style is amazing you should rock it more often.

    love you darling