7 Feb 2013

Black Gold

Hello again!

It’s been a month since I made my last post, so I’ve been thinking that maybe it was about time to show you my New Year’s Eve photo session for 2012-2013, don’t you think?

I put up this outfit back in December. I needed to figure out what to wear for Christmas Eve (I later reused it for New Year’s :P), and I had to do it really fast.

I didn’t even know where to start. All I had were some abstract ideas based on some pics I had seen the night before. I had been looking trough the Diesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2013 collection, and I still had those looks circling around my head, so I decided I wanted to go for something similar: metallic skinny jeans, a shirt, a tight blazer and biker boots… all put together in some sort of tough dandy look.

Diesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2013
Diesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2013 Diesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2013

The problem about starting an outfit from an abstract idea (opposite to starting from a specific piece of clothing, as I usually do) was that I somehow needed to transport what I saw in my head to the real world. I wanted to start from something in a flashy metallic colour… preferably something that I could use for a cool total look. At first, I kept thinking about blue and purple, just because that was the what I remembered from the Diesel Black Gold collection, but that didn’t take anywhere. Then, the more than obvious answer just popped in my mind: golden jeans!


But I couldn’t build an outfit on jeans alone: I still needed something to match them. I thought a golden blazer would be perfect, but I just couldn’t remember if I actually had one or I had just imagined it (it happens to me a lot, so I have to be careful LOL). Thankfully, my memory hadn’t played a trick on me: I did have one… and it turned out to be even better than I remembered it :D

I got it a couple of years ago, and I had never given it a proper use. I’ve always thought this blazer was very funny, because it reminded me of the Metallicats (Metallica playing crooners in the booklet of their covers album Garage, Inc.), which made me laugh quite a lot. But the most important thing about this blazer is that it’s wonderfully tailored and looks flashy as hell.

Once I had the two fundamental pieces of the outfit, the rest was going to be easier. It took me just a few seconds to remember I also had a gold and black shirt somewhere…

I got this one from Humana. It looks pretty cool, even though I have some issues with its shape, especially because it lacks an upper button (it’s not that it’s missing – it’s just not designed to have one) – which is something I find really uncomfortable, since I’m not a cleavage person –, and it doesn’t have buttons on the sleeves either. I had never worn it before mainly because of that, but I decided that I could risk it this time. I just put the three pieces together, and the result was an instant success :D

After getting the basics in place, all I had to do was pick up the shoes and some accessories… and solve the problem of the lacking upper button in my shirt, of course.

At first, I tried putting on my black New Rock biker boots – following my original Diesel Black Gold concept – but I didn’t like the way they looked with the jeans. I immediately realized I had to go for something dandier, so I picked my old Pons Quintana shoes.

I’ve had these shoes for quite a few years already, and they are great – they’re probably not the easiest shoes to walk in, but they’re still great (LOL). For someone who doesn’t use stilettos, this is the closest to high heels I can get, and I have to say I really like the feeling… every once in a while ;)

Surprisingly, this outfit didn’t seem to need any accessorizing. I even thought about leaving my head uncovered, but I just couldn’t resist the idea of trying how my wide-brimmed Spanish hat would look with the whole thing, and, as you can see, I finally kept it ;)

When I saw myself in the mirror for the first time, I couldn’t help thinking about the Yves Saint Laurent – excuse me: Saint Laurent (or YSLA, as I call it since Hedi Slimane decided to transfer himself to the beautiful city of Los Angeles LOL) – Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear collection, and I thought that was quite funny. I enjoyed the dandy vibe of that collection (typical Saint Laurent, I assume), but everything had a lady twist that was just too much for me. I like my own version much better… and it’s a bit cheaper too :P


I dealt with the missing button in the last minute (quite literally). The guests had already walked through the door while I was still trying to figure out what to do with my shirt. In a strike of inspiration, I wrapped a long black necklace around my neck like a tie, hoping that it would hold the two parts of the shirt together. I didn’t have time to test it, so I just walked out like that. Surprisingly, it worked!

Since I already knew what I was going to wear on New Year’s Eve, I decided that, for once in my life, I could get my nails to match my outfit. I did them that same afternoon, and the result was really cool. I used my black glitter (I call it Coca-Cola LOL) nail polish as a base coat and add my essence gold glitter nail polish on top, in order to get a real black gold manicure. The result turned out to be even better than I had expected, and it looked surprisingly Japanese, which made me immensely happy :D


The funy thing is that, about a week later, I found this look while browsing through Kenzo’s Fall 2013 Menswear collection:

What can I say? It’s obvious that I’m a trendsetter B-) (LMAO)

Shirt: vintage
Jeans: MNG
Shoes: Pons Quintana
Blazer: MNG
Hat: Atuendo


  1. Absolutely amazing outfit! Love your posing!

    You're nominated for the "Liebster Award" \(^0^)/ ~ Read my blog entry and follow the instruction ;3 http://wonderful-wonder-ducky.blogspot.de/2013/02/liebster-award-from-lady-juice-and-more.html

    1. Thank you!! ^^

      I've already left a comment on your post :P


  2. Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
    we can follow each other if you want :)
    xoxo Gloria