3 Nov 2011

Shopping #1: LSD

Don’t be alarmed: I haven’t got into drugs after being exposed to the harmful influence of Rihanna’s We Found Love video (LOL). LSD is just the name of the shop where I get my craziest accessories and some of my coolest T-shirts. Unfortunately, they don’t have a web page, so I won’t be able to give them any free promo. I’m sorry! Anyway, here goes my latest pack of LSD purchases ^^

Wonderful black hoodie with silver “LA” print. Irresistibly gangsta; perfect for my Tom days B)

1. Black furry dice. Icon (even in their smallest version)! Some of you might find these slightly familiar… ;) 2. Golden Chinese themed CD case. Just cool! 3. Black leather cross pendant. I have a small collection of similar cross pendants (all from LSD, of course). This one is extremely biker (LOL). It’s not hard to imagine something like this decorating a chopper :P 4. Wooden cross necklace. Couldn’t believe it when I saw it! Is the Harajuku wooden cross necklace fashion getting to Spain already? 5. Cross pendant from Montserrat. O.K., this pendant is not new exactly (it’s been around home for like… 15 years? LOL) and it sure doesn’t come from LSD, but don’t tell me it’s not amazing to see how great it matches the current wooden cross necklace trend! I bet any Harajuku boy or girl would kill for this! ;) 100% Spanish exotism!

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