23 Nov 2011

Motor Rebel

As you might already suspect by the title, what I bring you today is a real biker look.

I’ve been a fan of biker looks for a long time, and that’s something I never really get tired of. I have more denim, leather, fake leather and vinyl jackets at home than I can handle, but that’s OK with me. After all, I’m a rocker, right? ;)

Do you know that rule in style that says: “if you put on something that’s original and flashy, the rest of your outfit has to be simple so you don’t end up looking too over-the-top”? Well, what I say is: if you put on something flashy, the rest of your outfit has to be flashy too to make that one flashy thing look even flashier!

In this case, it all begun with the sleeveless T-shirt.

This incredible piece of clothing comes from Bershka, and that makes it even more special, because I don’t find things that match my quality standards there very often. However, I have to admit this particular T-shirt is a masterpiece. It has this extremely biker print (vintage motorcycles + American flag + tattoo-style wings = whoa!), and the words “MOTOR REBEL” are decorated with tiny crystals (!). I already have a small collection of biker-themed T-shirts, and this one looked just like it was meant to be a part of it. Besides, it has a zipper in the back part that gives it an extra cool edge. I can’t tell you if it has a real use or not, but you know I just love zippers! ^^

It was clear that this super spectacular T-shirt was asking for an extreme biker look that could match its iconic potential. The big challenge here was how to create such a look without being too obvious or repeating myself.

Since we’re already in November, the first thing I needed was something to wear underneath, so I picked up my old Scissorhands long-sleeved T-shirt (you might remember it from my Goth For One Day…! post).

The worn-out jeans and the biker boots were quite an obvious choice.

Those are probably my favourite boots ever. I’ve had them for about a year now and I just love everything about them: the cowboy-ish shape, the aggressive square heel, the minimalistic straps and the extra-heavy studs… Do I need anything more in life? LOL

However, my imagination ran out at that point.

At first, I tried a classical vinyl/leather approach, but it seemed a bit too obvious. I felt like I needed something special that could give the whole look that unexpected twist.

I had already picked up some accessories – which included my classical leather choker and my nameplate dog chain – and, of course, those Tokio Hotel fingerless gloves. I had thought of them almost immediately, because the open wings on their print matched the ones on the T-shirt in a way that seemed almost incredible. And, of course, they also matched the ones on my REBEL necklace.

That necklace is probably the most iconic piece of jewellery in my collection. I purchased it in Mango sometime around 2009, and the funny part is that I did it mainly because it reminded me of Bill in the first place (LOL). Putting the three things together (gloves, necklace and T-shirt) was almost like closing the circle :P

However, there was something about the gloves that clashed with the rest of the outfit. It took me a long time to figure out what it was. I even thought about leaving them out at first, but I couldn’t betray my triple wings concept. Instead, I decided to be brave and leave my S&M vinyl cap for another day.

This outfit was going to be all about wool and denim.

After searching through my cap drawer (I didn’t remember I had SO many caps and hats!), I picked up my old woollen hat from Kiabi, and it worked… or I though it had to work, but I still wasn’t sure. With my hair loose, I looked too Axl Rose-y for my taste, and when I hid it under the cap, it looked just too raw. The whole outfit was still missing something.

Thinking of biker accessories that could do the trick, I decided to pick up my good ole black bandana. I tried it on in different ways, but none of them seemed to be working just like it had to.

And right then, I thought about Tom Kaulitz.

tom 1 tom 2

I’m in a bit of a Tom mood lately, to be honest. I’ve been fantasizing with the idea of dreadlocks for some time (don’t worry – I won’t be doing that to my hair any time soon LOL), so I decided to try something new: I put my hair into a high ponytail – the way he used to do when he still had his dreads – and tied the bandana around my forehead. Then, I just put my woollen hat back on and let some of my hair peek from underneath.

I was extremely satisfied with the result :D

I’ve never been a fan of ponytails. In fact, I hadn’t worn one out on the street since the day I had my last gym class at school (and, believe me, that was a looong time ago), but I think I will be doing this again in the future :P

I should add that ponytails are quite a common everyday solution in the biker world (we’re talking about old-school Harley Davidson bikers here), since many of them fancy long hair (…and beards LOL). When I saw myself wearing that hairstyle, I couldn’t help thinking about the old (is it me, or I’m using the word “old” a lot today? LOL) Walter.

Walter was a character from the – awfully underrated – TV-series La Femme Nikita, wonderfully played by Don Francks. He always wore his long white hair in a ponytail and a bandana around his forehead – I still remember him from my childhood days! Technically, he’s not a biker, but you can’t deny he DOES look like one (LOL), and now that I think about it, I guess that man was probably my first contact with the biker aesthetics!

Of course, the finishing touch to my Motor Rebel outfit was this super cool denim jacket from Mango.

I got it at a second-hand store, and what I specially love about it is that it looks hard and elegant at the same time, like some improbable cross between a biker jacket and a dandy coat. And the asymmetrical details in the design add some extra punk coolness ;)

Ready to hit the road, babes? ;)

Let’s go!

MOTOR REBEL T-shirt: Bershka
Long-sleeved T-shirt: MNG
Jeans: MNG
Boots: In Extenso
Jacket: MNG (second-hand, purchased at Humana)
Woollen hat: Kiabi
Bandana: Caroche
Tokio Hotel gloves: official merchandise
REBEL necklace: MNG
Cross pendant: LSD
Choker and chains: dog collars (purchased at Auchan)

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